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OU still feels glow from November’s GOP debate

BY JENNIFER HOLYCHUK OU News Bureau In the five months since hosting the GOP presidential candidate debate, Oakland University’s applications and donations are up and continue to increase. While this increase can’t be tied directly to the debate, OU officials maintain this moment in the national spotlight can only mean good things for the university. Michelle Piskulich, […]

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For volunteer, debate night was a dream come true

COLUMN BY PATRICK McINTYRE OU News Bureau I am a journalism major with a political science minor. It would take quite an event to get me more excited than the recent Republican presidential debate held on the campus of my university. As a CNBC student production intern for the Nov 9 debate at Oakland University, […]

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The sights and sounds of debate night (video)

CNBC’s presidential debate at Oakland University transformed much of the campus. The O’rena became a massive political stage with TV studios around it.  The Recreation Center was turned into a vast media center.  And the upper level of the Oakland Center was transformed into a viewing room and polling data center. The debate brought in […]

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Federal assistance falls off for college students (video)

When the recession hit 3 years ago, there was a flurry of activity on community college campuses as the federal government turned out stimulus dollars for retraining. But the stimulus infusion has slowed down, and so has the rush of laid off workers looking to education as an answer to their economic woes. OU News […]

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Live blog of GOP presidential debate

2011 GOP Presidential DebateTweet

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Pontiac fighting crime and economic crisis (video)

When the city of Pontiac had to close its police department this summer, there were fears that crime would increase. But a new policing approach appears to saving the city money and improving crime response time.  Some are hoping the new crime fighting approach will lead to revitalization of Pontiac’s core business district. OU News […]

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Local autoworkers debate the bailout (video)

Three years after Detroit automakers went bankrupt — and were bailed out by the government — politicians are still debating whether it was the right move. Local autoworkers are also weighing in on the bailout debate. Interestingly, not all who were impacted by the bailout feel it was the right financial move. OU News Bureau video […]

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Campus Republicans use debate to energize voters (video)

The nationally televised GOP presidential debate Nov. 9 is offering OU Republicans the platform they were looking for to energize young voters. They moved into high gear recently, increasing their information and speaking engagements in hopes of inspiring students to get involved in the election. OU News Bureau video reporter Andrew Chapman brings an inside […]

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Help with student loans — reaction to the Obama plan (audio)

President Obama’s new plan —  to help reduce interest on student loans, and forgive delinquent loans five years earlier —  is creating a buzz on Oakland University’s campus. For many,  the buzz is that the plan is too little help, too late.  Others, however, complain it is sending the wrong message to those getting ready […]

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OU Republicans speak out on candidates (audio)

The GOP Presidential debate at Oakland University is stirring excitement among Republicans on campus.  They appear to be having their own debate about what will make the best Republican candidate for president. Walter Hooper listened to their thoughts and concerns and filed this audio report. Tweet

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