The Hub Stadium: For bombowling and pizza, of course

The most popular item is the pepperoni pizza, made from fresh in-house ingredients. PHOTO/SCOTT SANDORA

Looking for a place to have great food and a good time? OU News Bureau reporters have visited some distinctive eateries in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties to learn more about what these places have to offer. Reporter Scott Sandora visited The Hub Stadium in Auburn Hills and spoke with project manager Brian Hussey.

Tell me about the history of this place.
The owner of the restaurant, Gary Tenaglia, took his sons to The Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck and loved the idea. He felt that there needed to be a place for “fowling” closer to the suburbs of metro Detroit, so people from Macomb or Oakland county do not have to make a trip into the city just to play. We also wanted to incorporate things that The Fowling Warehouse doesn’t have to offer, which led to the addition of two bars and a full restaurant menu. When we took over the 30,000-square-foot building off of I-75 that used to be the Big Buck Brewery, the entire inside had to be renovated. We tore out everything from wall to wall and started construction from scratch in August of 2016, and the venue was finished at the end of December. However, we could not use the name “fowling” in our restaurant because it is trademarked. Thus, the Home of Urban Bombowling was born.

Describe what you offer your patrons.
Urban bombowling is a game played by four players on two separate teams. Each team will take turns throwing a football at the other team’s set of bowling pins. The first team to knock down all the opponents’ pins is the winner. We currently have 16 lanes for bombowling. Aside from the gaming, there is a full menu of gourmet snacks, appetizers, desserts and pizza that is prepared freshly in-house from scratch. The restaurant also has two full bars, one at each end, with the “bottoms up” beer tap for preventing a foamy beer. There are dozens of TVs that hang from the walls round the bar, including a 25-foot TV that hangs 240 inches above the back bar. It is the largest TV wall in Michigan. Lastly, the back of the bar is large enough to host parties of up to 450 people and even has a private club lounge that is completely blocked off by glass. Reserving a lane is $50 for an hour. Patron can also pay $15 dollars to play a winner-stays competition on the open lanes. After 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, rates are slightly raised. Reserved lanes are $75 for an hour and open lanes are $20.

A DJ booth overlooks the entire bar and all 16 bombowling lanes. PHOTO/SCOTT SANDORA

Why would someone want to come to The HUB Stadium?
This is a great place for adults who want to have a fun night out with a group of friends, but want to do more than just go to the typical bar. The game is not too difficult, so people of all ages can play. We cater to everything from birthday parties to corporate parties. It is even a great place for fundraisers or sponsored events. We offer good food, friendly staff and excellent facilities for an unforgettable experience.

Project manager Brian Hussey is always at the HUB Stadium, greeting customers and making sure operations run smoothly. PHOTO/SCOTT SANDORA

What do you do that’s different from other places like this?
We see people come in and play bombowling but not order anything to eat. We also see people come in for food and drinks and don’t play any bombowilng. I think that’s what makes us unique is that we don’t just offer one or the other. Other venues that offer similar games do not have the great food, the full bars or the TV setup. Restaurants and bars that serve our quality of food do not offer anything as entertaining as bombowling to do while you’re there. The combination of the restaurant environment and the bombowling facility truly make us one of a kind.

What’s the one thing everyone should order from here?
The pizza! We have a 1,000-degree oven that cooks any type of pizza in only 120 seconds. We also have a collection of snacks and appetizers made from fresh in-house ingredients.

How many people do you have working here?
We currently have about 70 employees. We are looking for young people that would be willing to work part time and officiate bombowling tournaments.

What do you think the future holds for this place?
We plan on having sponsored events, tournaments, college nights, fundraisers and things of that nature. We have the space to hold up to 600 people and, with the DJ booth, this would be an excellent place to host a large event or party. To be honest, we don’t know if this game is going to stay popular for the next five years, but if it’s not bombowling, it will be something else. What is important is that we have the facility. The rest will work itself out.

The HUB Stadium is at 2550 Takata Drive in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and on Facebook. (248) 364-4000.




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