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Though many college students want to head to warmer, exotic destinations for spring break, they stay home due to costs and anxieties attached with traveling.

College student Sylvia Trocea found the lack of money disheartening but the travel process frustrating.

“I would love to travel to Australia and Japan,” Trocea said. “The last time I went on a big trip was in 2008. I like looking at flight prices online, but I can never find the best deal for me that doesn’t take hours.”

Travel professional David Fishman encounters this issue often when working with clients at Cadillac Travel Groups in Southfield, Michigan. He has been a travel expert for more than 20 years.

“Working with clients for travel is like working as a shoemaker,” Fishman said. “If you ask for a size 5 shoe, I’m not going to make you a size 9 shoe. We don’t work for vendors, we work for our clients.”

A frozen pond under a dreary sky at Oakland University is emblematic of what college students across Michigan want to escape from during spring break. PHOTO/ERIN BEN-MOCHE

Fishman books flights, hotels and activities for clients so they are happy and don’t waste any time or money.

“Students stress over schoolwork, jobs and extracurriculars, so the last thing they should be stressing over is spring break,” Fishman said.

Whether you use Condé Nast Traveler, Travel Leisure or a travel professional here are ways to save money, time and stress this spring break.

“If you plan far enough in advance, you will find the rate you want and get your number one choice,” Fishman said. “People should never settle when traveling because it’s their vacation.”

Many head to Florida, Cancún or Punta Cana, but travelers can get great deals on flights if they travel to under the radar locations.

“Portugal is an unbelievable country, beautiful towns and beaches with nicest people and it’s so cheap,” Fishman said. “People also don’t think about going to Canada because it’s so close, but all flights are 30 percent off right now. Mont Blanc [in Quebec] is gorgeous and is great for winter and summer trips.”

Fishman said the trick is to think outside the box when planning a trip.

“Just because you went to trip adviser doesn’t mean it’s a verifiable site,” Fishman said. “What one person thinks is the best restaurant or hotel they’ve ever stayed at may be a dump to someone else.”

Fishman said to look at the photos of the location provided by the website. If there are photos of just the outside or just the inside it is not a fair representation of the spot, which is a big red flag.

“They could very well be under construction but won’t tell you or show you on the site because they won’t look appealing to tourists,” Fishman said.

If it becomes too overwhelming to compare flight prices online, let someone do it for you.

“Travel companies work with all flight groups and have access to things that aren’t shown online,” Fishman said. “I can find a round-trip ticket to Paris for $596 when random Joe finds it online for $1,045.

“If you need to walk it through with someone, travel guides sell time and a range of travel expertise, which can save you time and allows you to have fun during your spring break.”



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