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Veronica Patton’s next step toward fitness modeling is to become a certified trainer. COURTESY/COURTNEY ROBINSON

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The average American gets a fat source from butter or oil. Veronica Patton gets hers from 12 almonds a day.

She does this because she’s training four to six hours a day to become a fitness model.  She  prepares meals for the week ahead due to a strict diet and time constraints.

A fitness model displays exercise clothing and equipment, and inspires others to get fit and change their lifestyle. While she is not in this line of work just yet, she is on her way with the help of coach Mona Cruz.

Dave Koska, Patton’s father, got her into lifting weights when she was in high school in Allen Park. Here, he’s looking at her high school photograph. PHOTO/ALLISON WHITEHEAD

Patton’s father, Dave Koska, helped her throughout Allen Park High School, which is southwest of Detroit. From this, she learned to lift weights and what it took to dedicate time to something.

“My dad wanted to get into working out to lose weight, so me and him started doing it together,” Patton said. “My dad saw the passion I developed for it.”

Graduating in 2014, Patton married and moved to Georgia with her husband, Brandyn. His military life took them from Georgia to Oceanside, California, where they now live.

A tight gym schedule for Patton caused problems. The couple took turns doing things around the house, letting each other get enough sleep and balancing a child on top of that.

“The No. 1 relationship it affected was me and Brandyn’s,” Patton said. “For a short period of time, it almost caused resentment, but it was a mutual decision.”

Patton works out four to six hours a day. COURTESY/VERONICA PATTON

With the knowledge she had from working out with her dad, the stay-at-home mom dedicated her time to not only raising her 20-month old daughter Kylie, but also raising her own strength to get ready for Tahoe Show, a national physique competition in August.

“My daughter inspired me to do this,” Patton said. “I wanted to be a good influence on her.”

Cruz helped by booking photo shoots. Since Cruz knew the photographer, she set up multiple photo shoots. Basically, Patton said, she’s her agent.

A competitor’s eating choices are limited. Patton said that the life of a competitor is one of the unhealthiest things for the body due to cutting off large amounts of sugars and carbs. It all has to do with manipulating eating habits.

Diets consisted of chicken, greens, sweet potatoes as a carb source, whole grain pasta, plain rice cakes and no fruit. Twelve almonds a day were allowed as a fat source. After tampering with what diet worked best, Patton lowered her daily calorie intake to about 1,500 a day.

The Tahoe Show was in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. During the two-day competition, contestants pushed their physique in different classes: bikini, male and female bodybuilding, male and female physique, male classic physique and women’s figure. They were divided into categories based on their height. Patton was in Novice (beginner) Bikini class B.

 “Even though I didn’t win, it was the most life-changing experience I think I’ve ever had to go through,” Patton said. “Everyone had a different story, but we all wanted the same thing.”

Patton answers questions on Skype from California. PHOTO/ALLISON WHITEHEAD

She plans to do a power lifting competition in January, furthering her workout goals. This type of competition focuses more on lifting weights. In the case of other physique competitions, that is still up in the air. For now, she will continue on with photo shoots and fitness modeling.

Patton would like to see her own face and workouts on her website or with any collaborations. She eventually would like to be a brand ambassador for fitness clothing and model its merchandise.

Although her dad thinks opening a gym here in Michigan would be a good idea, the couple’s dream is to open up their own gym in the South.

“It’ll probably be another 15 years, but we are taking the steps necessary to do that,” Patton said.

In the meantime, becoming a certified trainer is the next step in Patton’s career. People are coming to her from social media and she would like to start an online fitness program.



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