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A shooter takes aim at the Bald Mountain Shooting Range in Oakland County. PHOTO/ALYSSA STEELE

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Shooting at a range can be a fun, recreational sport. Findings show that shooting can help people physically and mentally. 

While shooting is an athletic activity, it is psychological, as well. When someone begins, it is 60-70 percent physical and when they get really good it become 95 percent mental, said Vincent Lori, a shooting instructor from Macomb.

Lori and Garrett Curlett, a competitive shooter from Troy, said shooting can benefit people in many ways. 

“Shooting has taught me how to be responsible by knowing gun safety and knowing the consequences of not being safe with a gun,” Curlett said.

This activity can teach responsibility by how to correctly use a gun, according to Gun Owners of America. Shooting can improve stamina and strength, according to Health Fitness Revolution.

“Shooting helps a person’s stamina because they are holding the gun up, taking deep, steady breaths so the gun is steady,” Curlett said.

This ties into how shooting can improve a person’s balance because the shooters are holding the gun up for an extended time. According to Health Fitness Revolution, a person needs good posture and a strong core to do so.

Vincent Lori

Shooting can also help with a person’s focus because the target is moving. A shooter has to learn to zone in on the target and know when to pull the trigger.

Lori said 47 years of shooting has taught him perseverance.

“I think it has helped with patience because this takes a little bit of time to learn how to do and it teaches you patience,” Lori said.

Once shooters learned patience, they can apply that to other aspects of their life, Curlett said.

Lori said it’s a stress reliever because shooters can be in their own world for a while.

“Shooting is definitely a big stress relief because it lets you let out some steam by shooting some targets,” Curlett said. “Also, almost all shooting facilities I’ve been to have nice, caring people that are very respectful and are always there to help you and listen.”


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