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Ian Bensman, New Radio Media president, graduated from Specks Howard with a degree in production. PHOTO/ALYSSA STEELE

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New Radio Media is a streaming website where you can listen to shows live — and watch them on video.

The owners have created channels on their website, and within those channels are shows. The website has five channels right now — business, lifestyle, community, Geektainment, and arts and entertainment.

“Geektainment is really going to be one of the key elements that will allow us to take off,” Buzz VanHouten, executive director, said. This channel will cover gaming and comic-related information.

Upcoming is a sports channel will cover everything from high school to professional sports.

Ian Bensman, New Radio Media president, said the target audience is eight to 80.

Ian Bensman

Shows already launched are Motor City Juke Joint, Geektainment weekly, Let’s Talk Torah, The Radio Dish and The Voice of Reason. More shows are in the works.

The company will use big names to host shows, such as Kam Carmen from Fox 2 News who will host a morning show covering regrowth in Detroit.

“There’s lots of talents out there — former newspaper people, radio personnel, former TV people that still want to be relevant,” VanHouten said.

Listeners don’t have to be near a computer to access the website. An app launches Nov. 13 for Apple and Android devices.

New Radio Media’s goal is to focus on revitalizing Detroit and bringing a positive light to the city.

Since shows are free, the website will make revenue in different ways, such as by having people paying to host a show, ads on the video and through product placement.

“People will buy time to have their own show. They will own the content but we will archive it and market it for them,” VanHouten said.

New Radio Media plans on having production shows, too. Production shows will be scripted shows or movies that follow a story line.

New Radio Media is video podcasting, which can be nerve-racking for some hosts, but it adds another dimension for viewers.

“I try to ignore the fact that there is a camera pointing right towards me,” Bensman said.

Not only does it allow viewers to see the hosts, but it also allows the host to put diagrams, pictures, graphics or videos on the screen. Using video allows ads on the screen and product placement.

Interacting with viewers is a big part of this streaming platform. Viewers can call or tweet in. The station is working on an online chat for viewers to interact with each other and the hosts. Plans include adding street interviews, as well.

Paul Bensman, CEO of New Radio Media, said, “We will be on the street with live cameras, so we will be talking to the public.”


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