Azteca’s: A fun, friendly atmosphere

Ray and Teresa Lima have run their own restaurant for 17 years. PHOTO/NICOLE MORSFIELD

Looking for a place to have great food and a good time? OU News Bureau reporters have visited some distinctive eateries in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties to learn more about what these places have to offer. Reporter Nicole Morsfield visited Azteca’s in Macomb County’s Shelby Township and spoke with Teresa Lima, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Ray.

Tell me about the history of Azteca’s.
We opened in 2001, and actually, it was the day before 9/11, on a Monday, when we opened. My husband always wanted to have a restaurant. We’ve been together for about 36 years, and he has always talked about opening his own restaurant. So, when we had an opportunity in 2001, we decided to open up. And he chose the name Azteca’s because when he first came to America, when he was a young boy, he got involved in Azteca’s boxing team in Pontiac, and it was like his little family away from his family. So that’s where the name Azteca’s came from.

Describe what Azteca’s offers patrons.
Taste of Mexico. I can’t really say authentic recipes because every state in Mexico has different ways of making their food. But my husband’s from Mexico City, so he has his homemade recipes.

One of Azteca’s tacos is the puffy taco, which is made by deep-frying a raw flour tortilla. PHOTO/NICOLE MORSFIELD

Why would someone want to come here?
I think mostly the food. But we’re very personable people. We take an interest in what everybody likes as far as the type of dishes they want. We always run specials …so basically that — the food.

What do you do that’s different from other places like this?
Everything is homemade. All the sauces, all the salsas, we have seven different kinds of meats. We have the traditional — well, now they’re everywhere — but when we first opened, we were one of the few that had the traditional Mexican-style tacos that are served with the cilantro and onion. We also added a liquor license a few years ago, so if they want to have a margarita or a beer, that’s available, as well. We have a specialty margarita. It’s a Cadillac margarita my husband makes.

What’s the one thing everyone should order here?
They love the California burrito. We sell a lot of the California burritos, a lot of the fajitas, the Chile Colorado burrito, as well. The tamales are really big and stuffed with lots of meat … I tend to go for the nachos, of course. They’re really good, too.

How many people work here?
I would say there’s about 13 of us. Most of us are family, but we have about six employees that are not family.

What does the future hold for Azteca’s?
We’re going to have to wait and see, but we’ve been here 17 years, and, so far, it’s been pretty well. We’ve been pretty good. But we would love to get our own building one day. I don’t think I would like to open a lot of restaurants. I’d like to just concentrate on one good restaurant

Azteca’s is at 45581 Mound Road in Shelby Township and on Facebook. (586) 803-0474.


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